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With nearly 30 years’ experience in the arenas of interior design and brand development, Duffek Design specializes in creating custom designs through innovative solutions. This highly effective design team believes the best way to unite an idea with an emotion is by telling a compelling story. Their concept-driven design solutions embrace an integrated approach and present authentic stories with the power to transform people

This award-winning design team’s biggest initiative is giving back to the local communities. Design With Purpose™ is a 501(C)3 non-profit, started in Laguna Beach when founder, Deana Duffek decided that she and her team could help a variety of non profits by pooling their design resources to help kids in need.

After  spending three decades within the design, corporate and non-profit arenas, we witnessed just how much waste is involved in high-end luxury remodels; so we asked ourselves, what if there was a way to reuse, repurpose and reinvent some of the products that would otherwise go into landfills.

Evidence-Based Design

Healing spaces incorporate evidence-based design and healing principles to optimize and improve the quality of care,  outcomes, and experiences of patients and staff. Healing spaces use physical design to enhance the individual’s innate healing potential. — Samueli Institute 

Psychologists have indicated that physical environments can influence treatment process and results.  

Children and adolescents are often neglected in fields such as architectural and urban planning, although they are typically more sensitive to environments compared with adults. Young children are more dynamic than adults are so more considerations should be included in healthcare for children.

Healing environments can be considered as “smart investments” because they save money, increase staff efficiency, and reduce the hospital stay of the patient by making the stay less stressful.


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To apply for a room makeover, for media inquiries or if you’re Interested in supporting Design With Purpose, please send us an email at hello@design-with-purpose.org or use this form to contact us!