As a non-profit health system, Children’s Hospital of Orange County relies on community support to provide leading edge care for infants, children and adolescents close to home.

Our partnership with Children’s Hospital of Orange County and Orange County Department of Education enables Design With Purpose to service the children in our shared local community.

We have established a symbiotic relationship with Children’s Hospital of Orange County and The Orange County Department of Education— by creating “WellSpaces” for children and families in need.

A WellSpace is a safe and welcoming school-based oasis where all students can connect to support, resources and information on a variety of physical and mental health topics, promoting whole-person wellness. Creating WellSpaces on campuses increases access to critical resources children and youth need to thrive in all dimensions of their lives—and enables us to reach a larger population BEFORE any physical or mental health issues escalate.

With philanthropic support, we aspire to open a WellSpace at every middle school and High School in Orange County.